Monday, February 1, 2010

Today went better

So I had my workout today with my trainer. I think it went really well. I seemed to not get as tired as quickly as last week. I was still pretty sore from Saturdays workout, but I think the overall time I take to recover from the excessive soreness is also getting shorter. We seemed to do slightly more exercises today than in previous sessions. I started working on "dips" and "the plank" both of which are a killer for me. I was unable to handle my own weight on the dips and had to switch to a machine which worked a similar movement only without my own weight added. I tried to eat a little more today as my trainer thought maybe I hadn't eaten enough on Saturday. I could definitely notice the difference! I could feel myself getting tired, but not necessarily running out of energy half way through the workout. For some reason I started cramping up on the dead lifts today. I was asked how much I drank today and I said something close to 2 liters throughout the day (two nalgene bottles worth). My trainer said that muscle dehydration probably wasnt the source of the cramping, but perhaps the particular muscle that was cramping was simply getting too much work and hadnt adapted to storing glycogen in the amount to match the demand I was placing on it. I stretched out that particular muscle group and we moved on to more upper body stuff.

So ya, all in all, I feel a lot better after my workout tonight. I'm not as completely obliterated as I previously was. Dont get me wrong, I'm definitely tired, but not crash hard tired.

So I hope that's a sign of improvement...

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