Monday, February 8, 2010

Hole Leigh

BALLS. Ho-kay so, I told my trainer today that I had no soreness after Saturdays workout and that was apparently code for do-work-son. We upped the reps and weight of just about everything we did. I gather he was waiting for me to acclimate to a normal workout schedule before he started pushing me. I think that process is underway. I found myself moving weight around that I didn't think I would have been able to. I exercised a few muscle groups to complete failure. Thats a weird sensation, when your muscles just say "nope, not doin it." The failure was due to lots of reps designed to push the muscle to failure and not excessive weight (as I understand that can be dangerous). My next meeting is Thursday, so I have 2 days of rest/recovery. I feel like I will probably need it.

After my workout I felt totally drained. I had to swing by the store to get some cottage cheese, and before doing that I had to get home and shower. My trainer gave me a more detailed meal plan, although its pretty much what/how I normally eat, so he said that was good. He also told me that we are going to start pushing the weight limit and the reps, though we will usually always push the reps before pushing the weight limit.

I bounced exercise to exercise with not a lot of rest in between. It was intense. My trainer (I hate using that term over and over, but I don't wanna use his actual name online) told me that this was probably the most difficult workout yet. I feel tired and worked out, but good.

I can tell I'm gonna sleep good tonight. So I'm gonna go do that.

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