Sunday, January 31, 2010

A day late

So I worked out on Saturday (yesterday), and didn't get a chance to make a blog post until today. So I have been having a really hard time with the soreness. My trainer tells me this will only last maybe two weeks, but it's just difficult to deal with right now. My workout on Saturday was a bit more intense than the one on Wednesday. We worked a lot of upper body stuff and a few exercises that worked my legs. One thing in particular that was quite difficult for me was a deadlift with a kettlebell. I did 3 sets of 15 on this exercise, and by the second set I was pretty tired. I have another meeting on Monday (tomorrow), and am going to go in later tonight and do some cardio on the treadmill, although I wont be working with my trainer tonight. I did notice that we didnt to many of the same exercises from our last session, save for some of the crunch type exercises. He tells me he will have my nutrition plan available on Monday (which I am to follow, but I dont think this will be much of an issue).

After working out I do feel really good. Usually I need to eat something, and drink a bunch, but about an hour after that I feel really good. I have been eating a small amount of cottage cheese and a banana after my workout for protein.

Well anyway, I'm keeping this one short.

Back at it tomorrow!

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