Thursday, February 4, 2010

Enjoy being able to put your coat on

...said my co-worker as I left today. Just prior to leaving he asked me what I was doing tonight and I said I was going to head to the gym. Last week my shoulders were so sore and stiff that I was having a hard time putting my coat on. But that was last week. THIS week I have been recovering very quickly. In fact I'm not even all that sore the next day. I definitely feel tight and worked out, but not "sore". My trainer said that is a good thing, that I am adapting to the workout he is putting me through.

I did a whole lot of upper body stuff today. One particular thing I was working on that fealt really good were these oblique pulls where you use a cable weight and stand with your arms outstretched holding the cable and twist, pulling the weight up on a pulley. Those really were working me. OOH, also I ran into an old friend at the gym. She was the first person I have seen there that I actually know. That was really nice to see someone that I knew, usually I just feel awkward and out of place.

Well I have my first weigh in on Saturday to see how I'm doing. I guess this will be 2 weeks-ish since I started training. After seeing my weights/measurements/%BF, he is going to decide whether to add a cardio routine to my off days and how much. I suspect an additional day will be required to drop the rest of the fat, although there doesn't seem to be too much there.

Well I feel good, tired, but good. I'm going to eat some light food and go to bed.

Until Saturday, Cheers!

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