Monday, February 8, 2010

Hole Leigh

BALLS. Ho-kay so, I told my trainer today that I had no soreness after Saturdays workout and that was apparently code for do-work-son. We upped the reps and weight of just about everything we did. I gather he was waiting for me to acclimate to a normal workout schedule before he started pushing me. I think that process is underway. I found myself moving weight around that I didn't think I would have been able to. I exercised a few muscle groups to complete failure. Thats a weird sensation, when your muscles just say "nope, not doin it." The failure was due to lots of reps designed to push the muscle to failure and not excessive weight (as I understand that can be dangerous). My next meeting is Thursday, so I have 2 days of rest/recovery. I feel like I will probably need it.

After my workout I felt totally drained. I had to swing by the store to get some cottage cheese, and before doing that I had to get home and shower. My trainer gave me a more detailed meal plan, although its pretty much what/how I normally eat, so he said that was good. He also told me that we are going to start pushing the weight limit and the reps, though we will usually always push the reps before pushing the weight limit.

I bounced exercise to exercise with not a lot of rest in between. It was intense. My trainer (I hate using that term over and over, but I don't wanna use his actual name online) told me that this was probably the most difficult workout yet. I feel tired and worked out, but good.

I can tell I'm gonna sleep good tonight. So I'm gonna go do that.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


was yesterday. I met my trainer at the gym at 7am, which also meant I had to be up quite a bit before that to eat and hydrate. My workout yesterday was good, intense, but good. I could feel myself running out of energy about 3/4 the way through just cuz I didnt have as much to eat before working out.

I did a lot of upper body work yesterday. My shoulders are pretty sore today, and also a bit tight.

I have plans to work out tomorrow after work. I have to go, my dinner is a cookin.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Enjoy being able to put your coat on

...said my co-worker as I left today. Just prior to leaving he asked me what I was doing tonight and I said I was going to head to the gym. Last week my shoulders were so sore and stiff that I was having a hard time putting my coat on. But that was last week. THIS week I have been recovering very quickly. In fact I'm not even all that sore the next day. I definitely feel tight and worked out, but not "sore". My trainer said that is a good thing, that I am adapting to the workout he is putting me through.

I did a whole lot of upper body stuff today. One particular thing I was working on that fealt really good were these oblique pulls where you use a cable weight and stand with your arms outstretched holding the cable and twist, pulling the weight up on a pulley. Those really were working me. OOH, also I ran into an old friend at the gym. She was the first person I have seen there that I actually know. That was really nice to see someone that I knew, usually I just feel awkward and out of place.

Well I have my first weigh in on Saturday to see how I'm doing. I guess this will be 2 weeks-ish since I started training. After seeing my weights/measurements/%BF, he is going to decide whether to add a cardio routine to my off days and how much. I suspect an additional day will be required to drop the rest of the fat, although there doesn't seem to be too much there.

Well I feel good, tired, but good. I'm going to eat some light food and go to bed.

Until Saturday, Cheers!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Today went better

So I had my workout today with my trainer. I think it went really well. I seemed to not get as tired as quickly as last week. I was still pretty sore from Saturdays workout, but I think the overall time I take to recover from the excessive soreness is also getting shorter. We seemed to do slightly more exercises today than in previous sessions. I started working on "dips" and "the plank" both of which are a killer for me. I was unable to handle my own weight on the dips and had to switch to a machine which worked a similar movement only without my own weight added. I tried to eat a little more today as my trainer thought maybe I hadn't eaten enough on Saturday. I could definitely notice the difference! I could feel myself getting tired, but not necessarily running out of energy half way through the workout. For some reason I started cramping up on the dead lifts today. I was asked how much I drank today and I said something close to 2 liters throughout the day (two nalgene bottles worth). My trainer said that muscle dehydration probably wasnt the source of the cramping, but perhaps the particular muscle that was cramping was simply getting too much work and hadnt adapted to storing glycogen in the amount to match the demand I was placing on it. I stretched out that particular muscle group and we moved on to more upper body stuff.

So ya, all in all, I feel a lot better after my workout tonight. I'm not as completely obliterated as I previously was. Dont get me wrong, I'm definitely tired, but not crash hard tired.

So I hope that's a sign of improvement...